So what is this creative alchemy that brings out the best solutions for you? Essentially, it is our intense, result driven approach to solve each problem. We have a 7 steps methodology which serves us to arrive at simple solutions to your complex problems. 

Genius is making
complex ideas simple.
– Albert Einstein 

We challenge our clients and our team. We make the process fun. Every interaction becomes a learning experience. And we put our heart into the process – along with our minds. 

Creative alchemy

Problem Identification

Briefs usually don’t state the problem – they state the symptoms. But we dig deeper and ask you the right questions to lead us all to the actual problem. 

Inferential Research

We spend hours understanding your industry, products, competitors by doing online and offline, qualitative and quantitative research. Data is our ally. 

Psychographic Customer

Even as technology evolves, we believe communication remains human to human. We look past today’s very targeted demographic silos of your customers to understand their state of mind, behavior and aspirations. We will blow your minds with our meaningful customer insights.

Focused Strategy

Effective communication solutions get created when great ideas are propelled by a focused strategy. Our strategies are based on your data and customer insights. The right strategy for your brand lays the foundation for the actual creative thought. 

Result Oriented Ideas

We freewheel and conjure up crazy ideas till our creative curiosity is satiated. Then we return back into the box to put in all the filters for the ideas to yield the desired results for you. An idea that is not created with the intent of yielding results, seldom does.

Quality Creative Execution

A great creative execution doesn’t just look good, but also feels right.  Our unforgiving quality check process and unique team structure  ensures that there is minimal loss in translation for you - right from the big strategic thought to the final output.

Report Card

We strive to consistently align to and achieve the goals and KRAs of your business. An effective communication is one that yields results as per the objective set by you in the brief.

GC Advantage

We have learnt to trust our process. It helps us create tangible advantages which help you achieve your KRAs efficiently.

with a conscience

made efficient

Learn, unlearn and relearn philosophy

work ethics

Piece of your mind
or peace of mind?
Our approach is the