Coping with Corona



A lot has been said on how corporates and individuals are coping with Corona. We thought we would add our perspective of how a small business, a startup if you may, is coping with Corona.

Yes, of course, we are all cooped up in our homes. Some alone, some with pets, some with partners, some with parents, some with children. We are all managing our time in an unprecedented way - balancing between the hours of work and cooking, cleaning and other dependents. No matter who it is, everyone is doing a balancing act and everyone is literally, coping.

Here are the 5 things that have kept us going as a team.

1. Zoho One - We have been using the Zoho One suite for over 2 years now. It has everything a business needs - mail, project management, payroll, HRM, CRM, marketing automation, analytics and so much more. Of course, the most recent discovery has been Zoho Meetings. This one decision of streamlining our operations a couple of years back has made us remote work ready from day 1. No hiccups. Everyone knows exactly what to do

2. Human understanding - We are a people’s business. Hence, our general EQ is higher than most startups. We set up meetings just to rant about our week, speak out, share personal limitations such that we are more mindful about the space we hold for each other. This ensures that we do not lose our shit over people at a time like this.

3. Accepting misalignments - Despite the understanding and software, we are cognisant that remote working does present its challenges, at least in the early days. We read between the lines to understand when some team members are not aligned and then quickly get on a call to resolve any misunderstanding. The rule of communication is simple - a message doesn’t carry the tone. So let us keep it real sometimes.

4. Humor - We have put a strict mandate on not sharing random, fear inducing forwards we get from our family groups. We have chosen to be positive at this time. Hence the only things that are welcome are jokes about our condition and stupid, funny memes. It is important to be able to laugh and lift each other when some of us are really truly, alone.

5. Work that makes a difference - We are people who like to create impact with the kind of work we do. At this time, we are happy to be contributing to our brands and the larger situation, by creating positive communication for people sitting at home. It is our way of giving back through our skills.

As a small business, there is the obvious concern of business and cash flows getting impacted at this time. But as a team, we are choosing to stick it out and do what is asked of us. We are choosing to stay positive and hopeful.

Yes, we are working from home. Working - being the operative word. And we are grateful for that and so much more.