Is it possible to work from home? - Part 1



As a business, it is tough not to consider the possibility of a permanent work from home situation right now. But at GC, remote offices have been our dream for a while. Getting the Zoho One suite 3 years back was a step toward it. We had also onboarded our first ever 100% WFH team member in early Mar. Incidentally, she has managed to convince us all to follow her path. So can a creative agency work from home?

Observed Pros

  • Independent thinking - Team members were forced to think and do things on their own without having the temptation to reach out and ask someone for help.

  • Ownership - There is an element of guilt running in the head all the time that we steal time from work day for doing chores when doing WFH. Hence, the ownership of the task increases and people work with their flexible hours to ensure things meet deadlines.

  • Time saving - Team members save so much energy without the travel. That directly goes into a work life balance quota - positively impacting morale.

  • Wholesome wellness - At home, we eat better and spend time stretching or working out more often. People also feel less guilty about not spending time with family and hence, are mentally stronger in most cases.

  • Process adherence - Since people can’t just walk up to each other to ask for things, they have to follow the processes to ensure everyone on the team is tuned in to avoid confusion.

  • Bottomline boost - Yes, there is a significant saving on the rent and overheads. 

All of this helps in everyone learning more, experimenting more, owning up to more and pushing the limits a lot more. The result - better ideas, execution and end product.

Experienced Cons

We have had some minor setbacks given our readiness otherwise. So we have also figured out solutions to help deal with them. Read on!

  • Lost in translation - Many a times, texts fail to communicate correctly causing a lot of misunderstanding and waste of time with back & forth. Simply pick up the phone and resolve directly - then document it again for everyone’s alignment.

  • No focused brainstorming - Lack of soundboarding prevents us from making good ideas great. Zoho Video Calls help!

  • Lazy Dazy - Sometimes, it is natural that people slow down thinking they are at home. Having a regular work schedule when WFH helps immensely!

  • Distracting dependents - Having dependents at home adds to the mental stress since managing their expectations can be tough. In such scenarios, it is important to define your space at home.

  • Blurred lines - Sometimes we forget that workday is over and we need to stop talking about all things work. 


These are some of our real experiences as a creative agency. While we write this at the time when business is a little slower than usual, we know that this is a scalable model. Perhaps, the term work life balance needs to be redefined to have this sorted.

In the next blog, we will tell you how you can prep your business to realise the dream of a remote office.