Pray for peace, not war



We have been attacked. It was brutal, and uncalled-for. They chose the bravest ones out of us - unsuspecting, nevertheless. Was it an act of cowardice or bravado to hit the military and not civilians? Was it a message sent or a question to be answered? Was it funded or really independent?

Truth is, nobody but the top guns of either of the countries have these answers. The citizens of both countries get played. We get fed information that they choose to feed us. And like any other information provided by the media, take it with a pinch of salt. Because independent media in all likelihood, is dead. Today, any piece of information on prime time television comes with an agenda and is being produced to influence public sentiment.

They want the public to be outraged so it legitimises every counter-attack. It is true for India as much as it is for Pakistan. Undoubtedly, we are angry. But if nations got angry and waged a war, what would we have left? Maybe there is room for diplomacy, maybe there isn’t. We don’t have those answers - primarily because we are not equipped to find them. But hopefully, our elected leaders are.

A sentiment of war is all fine when we are sitting in our drawing room and commenting on the latest breaking news while chewing on chapatis. But chew on that thought a little more. Wars are not fought by machines alone. There are humans on the line - who we think should be put on the war front because, well, they chose that job? There are civilians on the borders who, at this moment, must be petrified at the possibility itself and are probably already vacating those areas.

And most importantly, there is a cost associated with a war. For developing countries  like ours, there are citizens and systems who need that money. A war is a wasteful expenditure. War profiteering is one of the biggest economies that operate. Manufacturers of defence equipment are the ones who benefit from a war. Businesses who thrive on moving other goods during a war, profit from it.

Have a look at the history of consumerism and you will know that the problems that plague us today got created after the world wars. There was too much produced and it had to be consumed - but the war was over. So civilians were taught how to eat processed tinned food. They were given homes to fill with gadgets and equipment. And the only ones who were genuinely delighted by creating this fake need for things amongst us, were the businesses.

This is a war cry for us, to wake up as citizens of this world - and not just this country. A war is the big boys playing with their big toys to satisfy their collective big egos. It has nothing in it for the ordinary people. Ordinary people everywhere just want a peaceful life where they make their ends meet. The ones who suffer the most are the impoverished ones - because their lives cost less.

It is our humble request to everyone reading this, be vocal and put out an anti-war sentiment. There is enough natural calamity underway - we need to put our forces to use to create safety from that. We do not need more man-made destruction. Speak up against war. Because a war doesn’t determine who is right, it determines who is left. We can achieve a lot more with peace and love.