Wilderfest Bangalore 2.0



A palate of plants, a planet of peace, Wilderfest Bangalore 2.0, a concept by Graffiti Collaborative.

 By now, you would have gathered that sustainability, consciousness and kindness feature big on our agenda as a group of people. We don’t just preach, but practise. Infact, we go a step ahead and put our money where our mouth is. So we do Wilderfest!

Wilderfest started out as an innocuous vegan festival in Bangalore. However, it has slowly grown into being a multi-city fiesta with a two-fold agenda - create a vegan economy by working on both the demand and supply side. It is an idea which has taken wings faster than we planned for it to. But here we are, making annual plans to take this to a bigger platform.

For those who could not attend it, here is a quick recap of the extraveganza that unfolded. There were 6 food stalls serving a range of vegan food - from healthy salads to crispy fried mock chicken to everything in between. There was seitan, chaats, mediterranean, burgers, and a lot more. The idea was to bust the ghas-foos myth that most people live under. You could wash it down with unadulterated Raw juices and follow it up with some insanely unbelievable desserts and icecreams!

Once your stomach and heart were satiated, there was a lot to walk around and shop! While we also promote minimalism, we know that the consumption of our products goes easy on your conscience and this planet. There was every dairy alternative you would need - mylks, curd, butter, cheese, tofu! There was a range of healthy and baked snacks. And you could follow this up with sustainable fashion, natural beauty and sustainable home care and lifestyle products.

Our talks and workshops are always the high point of the event! Afterall, the variety there is so mind opening that even innocent bystanders want to join in! the 2 days sessions kicked off with Mariam Begg’s workshop on raw vegan eating - yes, you can push it a next step on the healthy with this. Anni Lenki, a global animal rights activist, took us through her journey of activism in India. Devta Dinesh gave us a closer look in to the world of ethical and natural beauty. Leena, the one with the magical touch, showed us how to bake vegan and make it better than non-vegan goodies! The sessions on Day 1 wrapped up with Jo & Arjun, b-boying their way onto the stage and showing us how plant based fitness comes easy! This was followed up with some good music by a city band Kalatva.

Day 2 was another action-packed affair. It started on a very peaceful note with a talk on mindfulness by Priya & Dhruvi. They taught us quick grounding techniques and gave us insights on how to eat more consciously. Brandon Quinn followed this up by sharing about his life at Sadhana Forest and telling us in-depth about the acute water shortage problem in Bangalore. And guess what? It all ties into our individual water footprint primarily through our diet. Roshni Sanghvi gave the audience the answer they all want - where’s my protein? This was followed up by a very holistic session on veganism by Shweta Thakur, our co-founder. The facts laden, logical discussion got many people to pay attention and start thinking. Pavan Melukote wrapped up the day with a lot of info on how to start and grow a vegan business. More music followed and brought a very actioned packed informative weekend to a close.

Wilderfest is a very diverse festival in the nature of its content. While it is everything vegan, it is also everything conscious. It is the manifestation of all our thoughts on conscious consumerism in one tight capsule. If you have questions on how you want to start your journey as a more woke consumer, reach out to us and we could share what we know. There is a very busy calendar planned for Wilderfest in the coming year and the curation will always be something to look forward to. Till the next episode, stay green!