Our value lies in creating effective communication solutions which give you the bang for your buck.
You do not want to engage with another all glitter, no gold agency. We are as tired of that as you are.

We are the David
to the Goliaths
of this industry.

We choose to work differently - with ethics, honesty and transparency. We want to change the way the communication industry works, one client at a time. We are here to clean it up and we hope more agencies will join forces to realise the real power and impact of communication. 

Many a times, people have asked us if we were a restaurant, since we say we serve with love. We thought, well, why not! Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Off the shelf collateral

Take away

Sometimes you don’t want us to create something special. You want to quickly pick up something from the menu and be headed out! No special touches, no extra thought. We are happy to give you something off the menu and be done with it in a jiffy!

One time project

À la carte

This option is for when you have the time. You want to sit down, enjoy the Graffiti experience and really relish what we have to offer. We will put that extra thought and love into your dish and play some really good music while you wait! 



Now you seem to trust us and want to commit. This works best when you know that whatever we dish up, will exceed your expectations. You can choose from all our offerings, enjoy our surprises and go back home with your appetite satiated!

Chefs’ special

TNT-it’s dynamite

This is when you want special attention from our creative chefs – our co-founders. You can engage in a strategic engagement where the chefs literally discuss the recipe with you and customize it to make it exactly as per your taste. You can either pay for the recipe or the end meal. 

Cook with us

Co-working model

Ok, so you have some people in your creative kitchen. And you would like us to work with them. We can help you out there! Our experts will share our workload with your team to be able to create wonderful dishes while optimizing existing resources at your end.

Table sharing

Brainstorm with us

This engagement works best when you want to sound-board your thoughts and also get an expert opinion on the same. We charge for our brainwidth to give you a few good sessions which lays the foundation to your organisation’s marketing and communication strategy. 

Are you convinced about our value ?
We have an engagement model which is suited to your requirement.