Great Learning is a re-skilling platform. In today’s age, a person will not be doing the same job for the rest of their life. Hence, the re-skilling industry is gaining popularity across the country. A lot of focus in the industry is to re-skill for the next job. However, this brand believes in the fact that learning needs to be for life – that’s when skills develop greater meaning than just a career change.


Most of the re-skilling industry is feeding off the fear of missing out in people. The message of upskill or perish is common. We wanted to break this negative cycle of communication. Our insight was that people cannot learn for life out of fear. Hence, we directed the communication to creating a better version of you – The New You. Phase I carried visuals of metamorphosis of people. Phase II of the communication was aimed at bringing awareness to the specific product offerings. In phase II, we used the distinctive new design style of color channel.

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